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Title: Кооперация дендритных клеток, макрофагов и эпителиоцитов телец гассаля в процессе центральной толерантности в тимусе
Authors: Луговцов, Н. А.
Платонов, А. Н.
Беловешкин, А. Г.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Минск : Изд. центр БГУ
Citation: Сборник научных работ студентов Республики Беларусь "НИРС 2013" / редкол. : А. И. Жук (пред.) [и др.]. - Минск : Изд. центр БГУ, 2014. - С. 289-290.
Abstract: The aim of the research was identification of localization of key players in the process of regulation of thymic negative selection, e.g. dendritic cells, macrophages and epithelial cells of Hassall’s corpuscles. The object of study was human thymic material (30 cases). We used immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy techniques to identify these cells as well as localization of Aire-dependent antigens in the human thymus. We described Hassall’s corpuscles’ induces migration and maturation of thymic dendritic cells, patterns of localization of thymic dendritic cells according to their maturation stage. We proposed classification of thymic stromal and parenchymal macrophages by immunohistochemical profile and morphology. We suggest that the process of autophagy in epithelial cells of Hassall’s corpuscles contributes to membrane expression of self antigens leading to recognition of these antigens by thymic dendritic cells. Due to limited to Hassall’s corpuscles carcinoembryonic antigen expression in the human thymus we suggest that epithelial cells of Hassall’s corpuscles are major source of self antigens in the human thymus
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/225613
ISBN: 978-985-553-227-0
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