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Title: Двухимпульсная лазерная атомно-эмиссионная спектроскопия многокомпонентных сплавов и функциональных покрытий : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук : 01.04.07 / Ермалицкая Ксения Федоровна; Белорусский государственный университет
Authors: Ермалицкая, Ксения Федоровна
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Минск
Abstract: Целью диссертационной работы было исследование физикохимических процессов, происходящих при двухимпульсной лазерной абляции ряда металлов и сплавов и последующем взаимодействии лазерного излучения с распространяющейся эрозионной плазмой; создание методик качественного и количественного анализа многокомпонентных конструкционных сплавов, а также микронных и субмикронных защитных и функциональных покрытий методом двухимпульсной лазерной атомно-эмиссионной спектроскопии.
Abstract (in another language): Processes of double-pulse laser ablation of widespread constructional multicomponental alloys (steels, cast irons, bronzes and brasses) are considered in the dissertation work. It was found out that created plasma has spatial and temporal inhomogeneity – fusible elements are moving with higher velocities in a central "hot" region of an erosion plume. New model explaining increase of analytical signal of carbon after double pulse ablation of a sample comparing to the single pulse was suggested. Atoms and ions evaporated by the second pulse spread into a low-pressure near-surface region created by the first pulse. Carbon is protected from interaction with oxygen and nitrogen and creating molecules due to low density of surrounding air in near-surface region. Increase of spectral line intensities of metal is caused by interaction between double laser pulses with ablative plasma. These processes also lead to significant growth of a return flux of a substance to the surface of the sample. Optimal laser parameters providing low detection limits and mistake of analysis are proposed in the dissertation work. New methods for quantitative analysis of multicomponent alloys – steels, cast irons, bronzes and brasses – by double pulse laser atomic emission spectroscopy are developed. A method for decreasing a radiation flux density by defocusing laser beam relatively to the surface of the sample is suggested. This technique allows to reach constant thickness of evaporated by the double laser pulses layer in a range of 0,15 micrometers. Average velocities of different atoms in the double pulse ablative plasma were calculated using magnitude variations in spectral lines' intensities of elements after defocusing of the laser beam. Methods providing reduction of influence of matrix effects and ablation selectivity for qualitative and quantitative layerwise analysis of micron and submicron multicomponent functional coatings are developed.
Description: Работа выполнена в Белорусском государственном университете. Научный руководитель - Научный руководитель - Воропай Евгений Семенович, доктор физ.-мат. наук, профессор, профессор кафедры лазерной физики и спектроскопии Белорусского государственного университета, лауреат государственной премии РБ
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/214865
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