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Title: Photophysical properties of trans-2-[4-(dimethylamino)styryl]- 3-ethyl-1,3-benzothiazolium perchlorate, a new structural analog of thioflavin T
Authors: Lavysh, A. V.
Sulatskaya, A. L.
Lugovskii, A. A.
Voropay, E. S.
Kuznetsova, I. M.
Turoverov, K. K.
Maskevicha, A. A.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, Vol. 81, No. 2, May, 2014
Abstract (in another language): Spectral properties of a newly synthesized thioflavin T (ThT) derivative, trans-2-[4-(dimethylamino)styryl]-3-ethyl-1,3-benzothiazolium perchlorate (DMASEBT) with absorption and fl uorescence spectra shifted to longer wavelengths (than ThT), were studied. Quantum-chemical calculations established that DMASEBT is planar in the ground state.The energy minimum of the excited molecule corresponded to a twisted conformation (TICT-state) with a 90° angle between the planar fragments. Charge in the molecule edistributed and a non-fl uorescing TICT-state was formed if the fragments rotated. Fluorescence occurred from the non-equilibrium excited state (LE-state). It was shown that limited torsional rotation of the molecular fragments and; therefore, a decreased probability of transitioning into the non-fl uorescing TICT-state, were responsible for the signifi cantly increased quantum yield and fl uorescence lifetime of DMASEBT upon increasing the solvent viscosity and incorporating it into amyloid fi brils.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/211768
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