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Title: Электрическая активность изолированных ганглиев моллюска Lymnaea stagnalis при действии пероксида водорода
Authors: Мартинович, Григорий Григорьевич
Черенкевич, Сергей Николаевич
Денисов, Андрей Анатольевич
Молчанов, Павел Геннадьевич
Булай, Павел Михайлович
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Минск : БГУ
Citation: Вестник Белорусского государственного университета. Сер. 2, Химия. Биология. География. – 2003. - № 3. – С. 17-23.
Abstract: In the present study the effects of hydrogen peroxide on electrical activity of isolated molluscan Lymnaea stagnalis ganglia were investigated by using extracellular monitoring equipment. At concentrations of 0,5 mmole/l to up to 20 mmole/l hydrogen peroxide has induced changes in frequency and amplitude of Lymnaea stagnalis neurons spikes. The results have shown those effects were being depended both on oxidant concentration and exposition time to oxidant. It has been suggested that at low concentrations hydrogen peroxide plays the role of regulation factor of neuronal functional properties, while at high concentrations it acts as the damaging factor.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/208716
ISSN: 0372-5340
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