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Title: Особенности взаимодействия металлов с инертными газами в плазме тлеющего разряда
Other Titles: Features of interaction of metals with inert gases in plasma of the glow discharge / S.A.Bobyr, D.S.Gertsriken, V.M.Mironov, V.M.Tyshkevich
Authors: Бобырь, С. А.
Герцрикен, Д. С.
Миронов, В. М.
Тышкевич, В. М.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Минск : БГУ
Citation: Взаимодействие излучений с твердым телом: материалы IV Междунар. науч. конф., 3-5 окт. 2001 г., Минск. — Мн.: БГУ, 2001. — С. 60-63
Abstract: Методами радиоактивных индикаторов, структурного анализа и вторичной ионной масс-спектрометрии изучали процессы введения инертного газа в металл в плазме тлеющего разряда, Выявлена кинетика накопления газа поверхностью металла и установлены особенности распределения атомов аргона и криптона на поверхности и в объеме металла. Определен фазовый состав металла после ионной бомбардировки.
Abstract (in another language): The penetration of inert gases atoms (argon and krypton) in aluminium and copper during influence over them the glow discharge plasma was investigated in this work by means of methods, which are based on using of radioactive isotopes, the X- ray analysis and the secondary ionic mass-spectrometry. It was shown, that the ionoic bombardment in the glow discharge results to absorption of inert gases by a surface of metal, at that quantity the krypton, which was entered in aluminium, depends nonlinear on duration of the ionic bombardment. Besides accumulation of the inert gas atoms in the near-surface layer and simultaneously with this process it occurs their migration in depth of metal on a macroscopic distance, that influences on the form of temporary dependence of gas accumulation alongside with dispersion of a superficial layer. The process of atoms migration in the depth of metal occurs on the volumetric mechanism at speed, which exceeds on some orders the mobility of atoms in equilibrium conditions, and which is measured at allocation of gas at isothermal heating, when is realized the diffusion at borders of grains. Autoradiography research of samples after the ionic bombardment in the the glow discharge plasma have found out non-uniform distribution of atoms krypton Kr on a surface of metal. Since 30° С it is characterized by occurrence on a surface of samples of the concentrically located from each other of external and internal areas. The inert gas contains only in internal sites and it(he) forms with metal in a thin superficial layer a metastable firm solution, which contains significant amounts argon and krypton, which is located in regular intervals on a surface. However at large durations of processing (~18-25 hours.) and presence fluorine-containing combinations in gas environment the heterogeneity is kept, but has other features. The thin (till 15-20 micron) dielectric layer of dim black colour arises on a surface. This layer does not contain inert gas and it has a surface, which is covered with a grid of lines. This grid has a complex configuration and is characterized by increase of quantity of lines from the centre of a sample to its periphery, and practically all radioactive krypton 85Kr concentrates in the field of these lines. At that with processing time growth the contents of this phase on a surface of a sample is increased. The analysis of phase composition of the samples, sated with inert gas, has shown, that besides gas-filled pores in a crystal lattice of metal a firm solution of inert gas appear. At the same time the symmetry of a lattice is kept. However depending on concentration of inert gas in a firm solution its type varies. So, at the contents argon in aluminium about shares of percent the dissolution occurs as replacement, and at introduction in metal ~ 2 - 3 % of gas a firm solution of subtraction appears. At simultaneous penetration argon and krypton the same laws, as for migration of atoms of each element separately are observed.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/203874
ISBN: 985-445-236-0
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