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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Structure and optical properties of silicon layers with GaSb nanocrystals created by ion-beam synthesisKomarov, F.; Vlasukova, L.; Milchanin, O.; Mudryi, A.; Dunets, B.; Wesch, W.; Wendler, E.
2011Nanocrystal- and Dislocation-Related Luminescence in Si Matrix with InAs NanocrystalsKomarov, F.; Vlasukova, L.; Milchanin, O.; Mudryi, A.; Zuk, J.; Pyszniak, K.; Kulik, M.
2011Structure and Optical Properties of Silicon Layers with GaSb Nanocrystals Created by Ion-Beam SynthesisKomarov, F.; Vlasukova, L.; Milchanin, O.; Mudryi, A.; Dunetz, B. S.; Wesch, W.; Wendler, E.; Karwat, C.
2016Peculiarities of latent track etching in SiO2/Si structures irradiated with Ar, Kr and Xe ionsAl’zhanova, A.; Dauletbekova, A.; Komarov, F.; Vlasukova, L.; Yuvchenko, V.; Akilbekov, A.; Zdorovets, M.
2013Ion Beam Synthesis of InAs Nanocrystals in Si: Influence of Thin Surface Oxide LayersKomarov, F.; Vlasukova, L.; Milchanin, O.; Greben, M.; Komarov, A.; Mudryi, A.; Wesch, W.; Wendler, E.; Zuk, J.; Kulik, M.; Ismailova, G.
2015Drastic structure changes in pre-damaged GaAs crystals irradiated with swift heavy ionsKomarov, F.; Uglov, V.; Vlasukova, L.; Didyk, A.; Zlotski, S.; Yuvchenko, V.
2016Etching of latent tracks in amorphous SiO2and Si3N4: Simulation and experimentVlasukova, L.; Komarov, F.; Yuvchenko, V.; Baran, L.; Milchanin, O.; Dauletbekova, A.; Alzhanova, A.; Akilbekov, A.
2017Photoluminescence and enhanced chemical reactivity of amorphous SiO2films irradiated with high fluencies of 133-MeV Xe ionsVlasukova, L.; Komarov, F.; Parkhomenko, I.; Yuvchenko, V.; Milchanin, O.; Mudryi, A.; Zyvul'ko, V.; Dauletbekova, A.; Alzhanova, A.; Akilbekov, A.
2019Experimental study and modeling of silicon supersaturated with selenium by ion implantation and nanosecond-laser meltingKomarov, F.F.; Ivlev, G.; Zayats, G.; Komarov, A.; Nechaev, N.; Parkhomenko, I.; Vlasukova, L.; Wendler, E.; Miskiewicz, S.
2019Structural evolution and photoluminescence of SiO2 layers with Sn nanoclusters formed by ion implantationRomanov, I.; Komarov, F.; Milchanin, O.; Vlasukova, L.; Parkhomenko, I.; Makhavikou, M.; Wendler, E.; Mudryi, A.; Togambayeva, A.