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2021Modulation of Temoporfin Distribution in Blood by β-Cyclodextrin NanoshuttlesYakavets, I.; Yankovsky, I.; Zorina, T.; Belevtsev, M.; Bezdetnaya, L.; Zorin, V.
2018Temoporfin-in-cyclodextrin-in-liposome—a new approach for anticancer drug delivery: The optimization of compositionYakavets, I.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Scheglmann, D.; Wiehe, A.; Zorin, V.; Bezdetnaya, L.
2021Effect of stroma on the behavior of temoporfin-loaded lipid nanovesicles inside the stroma-rich head and neck carcinoma spheroidsYakavets, I.; Francois, A.; Lamy, L.; Piffoux, M.; Gazeau, F.; Wilhelm, C.; Zorin, V.; Silva, A. K. A.; Bezdetnaya, L.
2018mTHPC-loaded extracellular vesicles outperform liposomal and free mTHPC formulations by an increased stability drug delivery efficiency and cytotoxic effect in tridimensional model of tumorsMillard, M.; Yakavets, I.; Piffoux, M.; Brun, A.; Gazeau, F.; Guigner, J.-M.; Jasniewski, J.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Wilhelm, C.; Bezdetnaya, L.
2020Cyclodextrin nanosponge as a temoporfin nanocarrier: Balancing between accumulation and penetration in 3D tumor spheroidsYakavets, I.; Guereschi, C.; Lamy, L.; Kravchenko, I.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Zorin, V.; Bezdetnaya, L.
2020Optical properties of photodynamic therapy drugs in different environments: The paradigmatic case of temoporfinAslanoglu, B.; Yakavets, I.; Zorin, V.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Ingrosso, F.; Monari, A.; Catak, S.
2019Current state of the nanoscale delivery systems for temoporfin-based photodynamic therapy: Advanced delivery strategiesYakavets, I.; Millard, M.; Zorin, V.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Bezdetnaya, L.
2019The targeting ability of fluorescent quantum dots to the folate receptor rich tumorsMangeolle, T.; Yakavets, I.; Lequeux, N.; Pons, T.; Bezdetnaya, L.; Marchal, F.
2019Stroma-rich co-culture multicellular tumor spheroids as a tool for photoactive drugs screeningYakavets, I.; Jenard, S.; Francois, A.; Maklygina, Y.; Loshenov, V.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Dolivet, G.; Bezdetnaya, L.
2019Matryoshka-Type Liposomes Offer the Improved Delivery of Temoporfin to Tumor SpheroidsYakavets, I.; Millard, M.; Lamy, L.; Francois, A.; Scheglmann, D.; Wiehe, A.; Lassalle, H.-P.; Zorin, V.; Bezdetnaya, L.