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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Ability of phagocytes to generate reactive oxygen species in children with pollinosisSemenkova, G. N.; Kavalenka, A. I.; Krukau, A. A.; Zhernosek, V. F.; Smirnova, E. N.; Zhirkevich, I. I.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
2010Redox buffer capacity of the cell: theoretical and experimental approachMartinovich, G. G.; Martinovich, I. V.; Cherenkevich, S. N.; Sauer, H.
2010Modification of redox process in astroglial cells induced by microbial and viral infectionKulahava, T. A.; Semenkova, G. N.; Kvacheva, Z. B.; Krol, W.; Szliszka, Е.; Grzybowski, A.; Czuba, Z. P.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
2017Mechanisms of redox regulation of chemoresistance in tumor cells by phenolic antioxidantsMartinovich, G. G.; Martinovich, I. V.; Vcherashniaya, A. V.; Zenkov, N. K.; Menshchikova, E. B.; Kandalintseva, N. V.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
8-Apr-2019Protective effect of dinitrosyl iron complexes with glutathione in red blood cell lysis induced by hypochlorous acidShumaev, K. B.; Gorudko, I. V.; Kosmachevskaya, O. V.; Grigorieva, D. V.; Panasenko, O. M.; Vanin, A. F.; Topunov, A. F.; Terekhova, M. S.; Sokolov, A. V.; Cherenkevich, S. N.; Ruuge, E. K.
2019Effects of recombinant human lactoferrin on calcium signaling and functional responsesGrigorieva, D. V.; Gorudko, I. V.; Shamova, E. V.; Terekhova, M. S.; Maliushkova, E. V.; Semak, I. V.; Cherenkevich, S. N.; Sokolov, A. V.; Timoshenko, A. V.
2010Effects of Peroxynitrite on Morphology and Functions of NeutrophilsStarodubtseva, M. N.; Kavalenka, A. I.; Petrenyov, D. R.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
2012Redox Regulation of Calcium Signaling in Cancer Cells by Ascorbic Acid Involving the Mitochondrial Electron Transport ChainMartinovich, G. G.; Golubeva, E. N.; Martinovich, I. V.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
2021Gallocyanine as a fluorogen for the identification of NADPH-dependent production of superoxide anion radical by blood cellsPanasenko, O. M.; Reut, V. E.; Borodina, I. V.; Matyushkina, D. S.; Ivanov, V. A.; Grigorieva, D. V.; Gorudko, I. V.; Sokolov, A. V.; Cherenkevich, S. N.
2020A Raman Spectroscopic Study of Thymoquinone Antitumor ActionVcherashniaya, A. V.; Martinovich, I. V.; Martinovich, G. G.; Shadyro, O. I.; Cherenkevich, S. N.