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8-Nov-2013To the positive miscut influence on the crystal collimation efficiencyTikhomirov, V. V.; Sytov, A. I.
8-Nov-2013Dirac fermions in strong gravitational fieldsObukhov, Yu. N.; Silenko, A. J.; Teryaev, O. V.
8-Nov-2013Influence of Multiple Scattering on High-energy Deuteron Quasi-optical Birefringence EffectBaryshevsky, V. G.; Shyrvel, A. R.
8-Nov-2013Refraction and Diffraction of Waves in Electromagnetic (Photonic) Crystals Formed by Anisotropically Scattering ElementsBaryshevsky, V. G.; Gurnevich, E. A.
8-Nov-2013Generation of Medical X-ray and Terahertz Beams of Radiation Using Table-Top AcceleratorsBaryshevsky, V.; Gurinovich, A.; Gurnevich, E.; Lobko, A.
8-Nov-2013Tensor polarization of deuterons passing through matterBaryshevsky, V. G.; Bartkevich, A. R.
8-Nov-2013"Optical" Spin Rotation Phenomenon and Spin Filtering of Antiproton (Proton, Deuteron) Beams in a Pseudomagnetic Field of a Polarized Target: the Possibility of Measuring the Real Part of the Coherent Zero-angle Scattering AmplitudeBaryshevsky, Vladimir
19-Nov-2013First observation of spin dichroism with deuterons up to 20 MeV in a carbon targetBaryshevsky, V.; Rouba, A.; Engels, R.; Rathmann, F.; Seyfarth, H.; Stroher, H.; Ullrich, T.; Duweke, C.; Emmerich, R.; Imig, A.; Ley, J.; Paetz gen. Schieck, H.; Schulze, R.; Tenckhoff, G.; Weske, C.; Mikirtytchiants, M.; Vassiliev, A.
26-Nov-2013Relativistic runaway electron breakdown and Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes: GEANT4 simulationTikhomirov, V. V.; Tsalkou, Yu. A.; Marozava, H. P.
26-Nov-2013Two-dimensional model of intrinsic magnetic flux losses in helical flux compression generatorsTikhomirov, V. V.; Haurylavets, V. V.