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2017Cumulation of High-Current Electron Beams: Theory and ExperimentAnishchenko, S.; Baryshevsky, V.; Belous, N.; Gurinovich, A.; Gurinovich, E.; Gurnevich, T.; Molchanov, P.
2017Study of properties of the plastic scintillator EJ-260 under irradiation with 150 MeV protons and 1.2MeV gamma-raysDormenev, V.; Brinkmann, K.-T.; Korjik, M.; Novotny, R.W.
2017Design of carbon nanotube-based broadband radar absorber for ka-band frequency rangeBychanok, D.; Gorokhov, G.; Meisak, D.; Kuzhir, P.; Maksimenko, S.; Wang, Y.; Han, Z.; Gao, X.; Yue, H.
2017Quantum entanglement in electric circuits: From anomalous crosstalk to electromagnetic compatibility in nano-electronicsSlepyan, G.; Boag, A.; Mordachev, V.; Sinkevich, E.; Miano, G.; Portnoi, M. E.; Maksimenko, S.; Kuzhir, P.; Maffucci, A.
2017Progress in the Development of the Lead Tungstate Crystals for EM-Calorimetry in High-Energy PhysicsNovotny, R.W.; Brinkmann, K.-T.; Borisevich, A.; Dormenev, V.; Houzvicka, J.; Korjik, M.; Zaunick, H.-G.
2017Study of the New Glass and Glass Ceramic Stoichiometric and Gd3+ -loaded BaO∗2SiO2 (DSB:Ce) Scintillation Material for Future CalorimetryNovotny, R.W.; Brinkmann, K.-T.; Borisevich, A.; Dormenev, V.; Korjik, M.; Zaunick, H.-G.; Zimmermann, S.
2017Effect of graphene grains size on the microwave electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of graphene/polymer multilayersKuzhir, P. P.; Paddubskaya, A. G.; Volynets, N. I.; Batrakov, K. G.; Maksimenko, S. A.; Golubeva, E. N.; Valusis, G.; Kaplas, T.; Reckinger, N.; Lobet, M.; Lambin, P.
2017Terahertz transitions in carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbonsSaroka, V.A.; Hartmann, R.R.; Portnoi, M.E.
2017THz and microwave properties of 3D-printed nanocarbon based multilayersKuzhir, P.; Paddubskaya, A.; Volynets, N.; Kotsilkova, R.; Ivanov, E.; Biró, I.; Márk, G.I.; Biró, L.P.; Maksimenko, S.
2018Morphological, rheological and electromagnetic properties of nanocarbon/poly(lactic) acid for 3D printing: Solution blending vs. melt mixingSpinelli, G.; Lamberti, P.; Tucci, V.; Kotsilkova, R.; Tabakova, S.; Ivanova, R.; Angelova, P.; Angelov, V.; Ivanov, E.; Maio, R.D.; Silvestre, C.; Meisak, D.; Paddubskaya, A.; Kuzhir, P.