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2015Spin 1 Particle in the Magnetic Monopole Potential for Minkowski and Lobachevsky Spaces: Nonrelativistic ApproximationVeko, O. V.; Kazmerchuk, K. V.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Kisel, V. V.; Ishkhanyan, A. M.; Red’kov, V. M.
2015On Solutions of the Pauli Equation in Non-Static De Sitter MetricsOvsiyuk, E. M.; Kazmerchuk, K. V.
2013Nonrelativistic Approximation for Quasi-Planes Wave of a Spin 1 Particle in Lobachevsky SpaceOvsiyuk, E. M.; Kazmerchuk, K. V.
2013Particle with Spin 1 in Spherical Riemann Space: Pauli Approximation in Spherically Symmetric PotentialsOvsiyuk, E. M.; Kazmerchuk, K. V.; Veko, O. V.
2011Quantum Kepler Problem for Spin 1/2 Particle in Spaces on Constant Curvature. I. Pauli Theory.Ovsiyuk, E. M.
2014Quantum Mechanical Scalar Particle with Intrinsic Structure in External Magnetic and Electric Fields: Influence of Geometrical BackgroundKazmerchuk, K. V.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Kisel, V. V.; Red’kov, V. M.
2014Dirac Particle in the Presence of a Magnetic Charge in De Sitter Universe: Exact Solutions and Transparency of the Cosmological HorizonVeko, O. V.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Red’kov, V. M.
2017To Analysis of the Dirac and Majorana Particle Solutions in Schwarzschild FieldOvsiyuk, E. M.; Veko, O. V.; Rusak, Yu. A.; Chichurin, A. V.; Red’kov, V. M.
2017Spin 1/2 Particle with two Mass States: Interaction with External FieldsKisel, V. V.; Pletyukhov, V. A.; Gilewsky, V. V.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Veko, O. V.; Red’kov, V. M.
2018Spin 1/2 Particles in Oscillating de Sitter Universe: Reflection from the Cosmological BarrierOvsiyuk, E. M.; Golub, A. A.; Koralkov, A. D.