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Section 4. PROBABILITY AND STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF DISCRETE DATA : [12] Главная страница коллекции Статистика

Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Дата поступления в По убыванию порядке): 1 по 12 из 12
Предварительный просмотрДата выпускаЗаглавиеАвтор(ы)
2007Data Analysis Using R and a Graphical InterfaceDutter, R.
2007On Statistical Analysis of Markov Chains under Missing ValuesYarmola, A. N.; Kharin, Yu. S.
2007Complexity Metrics and Exploratory Analysis of DNA SequencesRekasius, T.
2007Model Testing for High-Dimensional Contingency Tables with Application in GeneticsRadavicius, M.; Zidanaviciute, J.
2007Maximization of the Power of Hypotheses Testing for the s-th Order Markov Chains by Empirical Characteristic FunctionsPoliukh, A. S.; Kharin, Yu. S.
2007Two Moments of Szekely–Mori Asymmetry Criterion Statistics for Some Classes of HypothesesMenshenin, D. O.; Zubkov, A. M.
2007On Groups Generated by SA-PermutationsMaslov, A. S.
2007On Approach to Randomness Testing on the base of the Universal PredictorsKostevich, A. L.; Shilkin, A. V.
2007A Statistical Test Based on Frequency Statistics Of Markov Chain With Partial ConnectionsKharin, Yu. S.; Piatlitski, A. I.
2007Algorithms for Exact Computation of Pearson Statistics DistributionFilina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
2007Spectral Analysis of Markov ChainsDynovskaya, E. S.; Orlova, E. N.
2007On the Connection Between the Maximal Coefficients of the Fourier and Walsh–Hadamard TransformsAgievich, S. V.
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Дата поступления в По убыванию порядке): 1 по 12 из 12
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