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Title: Statistical properties of wavelet transform coefficients of backscattering signal from soft tissues and their phantoms
Authors: Dubrovina, Olga
Gambin, Barbara
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Polish Acoustical Society-Gdansk Dibision
Citation: HYDROACOUSTICS. 2013. Vol.16. P.59-66
Abstract: The paper contains the wavelet approach to registered backscattered RF signals from two different cases. First, the wavelet analysis has been performed for RF signals registered from soft tissue phantoms. The second case is the wavelet analyses of RF scattered signals from regions of healthy and BCC changed human skin. The three phantoms made from tissue-mimicking material with different structures have been measured. We claim that there are visible differences in the statistical parameters of wavelets coefficients of signals between healthy and BCC changed skin regions as well as between phantoms without scatterers and with different number of strong small scatterers
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/56691
ISBN: 1642-1817
Appears in Collections:Архив статей гуманитарного факультета (факультета социокультурных коммуникаций) 1994-2013

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