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2013Too many skew normal distributions? The practitioneer’s PerspectiveCharemza, Wojciech; D´ıaz, Carlos; Makarova, Svetlana
2013Some remarks on decomposition of partitioned multivariate models into two seemingly unrelated submodelsFiˇserová, E.; Kubáˇcek, L.
2013Providing data with high utility and no disclosure risk for the public and researchers: an evaluation by advanced statistical disclosure risk methodsTempl, M.
2013Fourier–type estimation of the power garch model with stable–paretian innovationsFrancq, C.; Meintanis, S. G.
2013Some remarks on robust estimation of power spectraShevlyakov, G. L.; Lyubomishchenko, N. S.; Smirnov, P. O.
2013Sparse principal balances for high-dimensional compositional dataMert, Can; Filzmoser, Peter; Hron, Karel
2013Comparative analysis of similarity measures for medical streaming dataBernataviˇ cien˙ e, Jolita; Bazileviˇ cius, Gediminas; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Medvedev, Viktor
2013Some specification aspects for three-factor models of a company’s production potential taking into account intllectual capitalAivazian, S.; Afanasiev, M.; Rudenko, V.
2013On the exact tolerance intervals for univariate normal distributionWitkovsky, Viktor
2013Misclassification probability based on linear discriminant function for sar error modelsDuˇcinskas, K.; Karaliut'e, M.; ˇSimkien'e, I.
2013On formulas of linear interpolation for operators generated by solutions of stochastic differential equationsYanovich, L. A.
2013Eneralized method of wavelet moments for the estimation of composite stochastic modelsPia, Maria; Feser, Victoria
2013Goodness of fit tests based on kernel density estimatorsRudzkis, R.; Bakshaev, A.
2013R tools for robust statistical analysis of high–dimensional dataTodorov, V.; Filzmoser, P.
2013Rank tests for multi-sample location problemStoimenova, Eugenia
2013Sequential testing of parametric hypotheses: performance, robustness and applicationKharin, A. Yu.
2013Power-law graphs robustness and forest firesLeri, M. M.; Pavlov, Yu. L.
2013Regression smoothing kalman filterZalesky, B. A.
2013Semiparametric estimation in mixture models with varying mixing probabilitiesDoronin, A. V.
2013Prediction of time series based on state space modelLobach, S. V.