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2013R tools for robust statistical analysis of high–dimensional dataTodorov, V.; Filzmoser, P.
2013Too many skew normal distributions? The practitioneer’s PerspectiveCharemza, Wojciech; D´ıaz, Carlos; Makarova, Svetlana
2013Rank tests for multi-sample location problemStoimenova, Eugenia
2013Regression smoothing kalman filterZalesky, B. A.
2013On the exact tolerance intervals for univariate normal distributionWitkovsky, Viktor
2013Misclassification probability based on linear discriminant function for sar error modelsDuˇcinskas, K.; Karaliut'e, M.; ˇSimkien'e, I.
2013On formulas of linear interpolation for operators generated by solutions of stochastic differential equationsYanovich, L. A.
2013Semiparametric estimation in mixture models with varying mixing probabilitiesDoronin, A. V.
2013Differences between the pearson statistics distribution function and non–central chi–square distribution functionFilina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
2013Sparse principal balances for high-dimensional compositional dataMert, Can; Filzmoser, Peter; Hron, Karel
2013Equential testing of parametric hypotheses: performance, robustness and applicationKharin, A. Yu.
2013Detection of outliers with boxplotsAndrea, K.; Shevlyakov, G. L.; Smirnov, P. O.
2013Application of residual empirical processes to robust linear hypotheses testing in autoregressionEsaulov, D. M.
2013A projection-pursuit method for sparse robust pcaFilzmoser, P.
2013Approximate formulas for expectation of functionals from solution to stochastic equation with random measureEgorov, A. D.
2013Assignment of multivariate samples to the fixed classes by the maximum likelihood method and its riskZhuk, E. E.
2013Modeling of spatial queues systemMukha, V. S.; Prishchepchik, M. V.
2013Goodness of fit tests based on kernel density estimatorsRudzkis, R.; Bakshaev, A.
2013Long-memory discrete-valued time series: models and methodsKharin, Yu. S.
2013Parameter estimation in the models with long-range dependenceMishura, Y. S.; Ralchenko, K. V.; Shevchenko, G. M.