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2013Demyanov Difference In Infinite Dimensional SpacesGrzybowski, J.; Pallaschke, D.; Urbanski, R.
2013Subdifferential Slopes And Stability Of Error Bounds For Convex Constraint SystemsKruger, A. Y.; Ngai, Huynh Van; Thera, M.
2013Convertibility Of Exhausters Of Continuous Positively Homogeneous FunctionsGorokhovik, V. V.; Trafimovich, M. A.
2013Control, Cooperation And Optimization In Multi-Agent SystemsAllgower, F.
2013Estimates For Slow ControlsCarja, O.; Lazu, A.
2013On A Solution Of The Optimal Control Problem With Multipoint Boundary Conditions With Sweep MethodZulfuqarova, R. T.
2013Recent Results In The Controllability Theory Of Abstract Evolution EquationsShklyar, B.
2013Vector Spaces Of Convex Sets: Representation Of Its Elements And Application To Crystal Growth DescriptionUrbanski, R.; Grzybowski, J.; Pallaschke, D.
2013Nonlinear Positional Differential Game In The Class Of Mixed StrategiesKrasovskii, A. N.
2013Completeness In Minkowski-Radstrom-Hormander SpacesGrzybowski, J.; Przybycien, H.
2013On An Equation In Dynamics Of Ecological Processes With DelayMehdiyeva, G. Yu.; Azizbayov, E. I.
2013Параметрический анализ в некоторых задачах Н. Е. ЖуковскогоЛокшин, Б. Я.; Самсонов, В. А.; Селюцкий, Ю. Д.
2013Идентификация параметров модели аэродинамического воздействия на лопасти ветротурбиныКлимина, Л. А.; Сафонова, Е. А.; Lin Ching-Huei; Lin Kao-Hui; Hwang Shyh-Shin
2013Implicit Function Theorem As A Realization Of Lagrange Principle For Extremal Problems. Abnormal PointsArutyunov, A. V.; Gorokhovik, V. V.
2013Об устойчивости авторотации вертушки с вязким наполнителемДосаев, М. З.; Lin Ching-Huei; Lin Kao-Hui; Hwang Shyh-Shin
2013The Problem Of Process Creation In Parallel AlgoritmsHashemi, M.; Aharie, S.
2013Convex Sip Problems With Finitely Representable Compact Index SetsKostyukova, O. I.; Tchemisova, T. V.
2013Optimality Conditions In The Alternance FormDemyanov, V. F.; Malozemov, V. N.
2013Variable Structure Economical-Mathematical Problem Of Optimal Distribution Of InvestmentsArsenashvili, A. I.
2013Exact Solution Of A Problem On Pulsating Flow Of Bubble Liquid In Elastic TubeBabanly, V. Yu.