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2013Markov properties of gaps between local maxima in a sequence of independent random variablesKhil, Elena V.
2013Econometric models of the impact of macroeconomic processes on the stock market in the baltic countriesRudzkis, R.; Uzdanaviciute, R.
2013Investigation of the maximum likelihood estimator of intrinsic dimensionalityKarbauskait'e, R.; Dzemyda, G.
2013Mixed-stable modeling of high-frequency financial data: parallel computing approachBelovas, Igoris; Starikoviˇcius, Vadimas
2013H-models for non-inertia systems with delayMedvedev, A. V.
2013Examining the feasibility of predicting drug resistance of lung tuberculosis using image dataKovalev, V. A.; Liauchuk, V. A.; Safonau, I. U.
2013Fast nonparametric algorithm for change point detection in stochastic processNikitenok, V. I.
2013Income forecasting in the hm-network with time-dependent parametersKosareva, E. V.
2013Identification of nonlinear dynamical systems under conditions of little a priory informationKoplyarova, N. V.; Sergeeva, N. A.
2013Ew inequalities for the binomial law and for the total variation distance between iid samplesZubkov, A. M.
2013Finite-time ruin probabilities in the discrete risk modelLappo, P.
2013Hypotheses testing for binary sequences obtained by the neumann transformMenshenin, D. O.; Zubkov, A. M.
2013Reproductive health survey in BelarusLarchenko, A. V.
2013Digital signal processing of blood flow volume velocity doppler sensor based on nonlinear dynamics methodsKonnova, N. S.; Basarab, M. A.
2013Asymptotic analysis of the closed queueing structure with time-dependent service parametersMatalytski, M.; Rusilko, T.; Pankov, A.
2013Decision-making during computer simulationMakarova, E. S.; Buloychik, V. M.
2013Calculation of european type optionsZuev, N. M.
2013On statistical models based multi-objective optimizationˇZilinskas, A.
2013On statistical estimation of parameters for poisson conditional autoregressive model by space-time dataKharin, Yu. S.; Zhurak, M. K.
2013On statistical analysis of embedding in binary markov chainVecherko, E. V.