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2009Microwave Image Reconstruction with Two-Antenna Aperture Synthesis and Spatial Antennas SeparationSemenchik, V.; Pahomov, V.
2009Supervised classification of the observation of spatial Gaussian process with known covariance functionDucinskas, K.
2009Special areas detection using fractal and textural characteristics of high resolution imagesDoudkin, A.; Ganchenko, V.; Petrovsky, A.; Sobkowiak, B.
2009Image Processing for Morphological Investigation of the Carcinome Thyroid Gland: Modern FacilitiesNedzved, A.; Fridman, M.; Belotserkovsky, A.
2009Human visual system model for Earth observation system’s informative parameters estimationIvanov, A.; Kotov, M.
2009An Ontology-Based Approach to Opinion MiningBilan, V.; Bobkov, A.; Gafurov, S.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; van de Laarin, J.; Vissia, H.
2009Making Image Segmentation Fully Automatic by Case-Based-ReasoningFrucci, M.; Perner, P.; Sanniti di Baja, G.
2009Structure Shape Description Approach for Magnification ImagesNedzved, A.; Tsimashchuk, V.; Ablameyko, Sergey V.; Dobrogowski, W.; Maziewski, A.; Tekielak, M.
2009Adaptive Analysis of Experts’ Statements in Pattern RecognitionLbov, G. S.; Gerasimov, M. K.
2009Towards Generalization of Image Anisotropy AnalysisKovalev, V. A.
2009Pseudo-distance map transformation for interactive object tracingNedzved, A.; Bucha, V.; Ablameyko, Sergey V.
2009WOLA Filter Bank Design Requirements in Hearing AidsRosa-Zurera, M.; Gil-Pita, R.; Alexandre-Cortizo, E.; Utrilla-Manso, M.; Cuadra-Rodriguez, L.
2009The Concepts of Intellectual Adaptive Educational Hypermedia SystemZmitrovich, A. I.; Krivko-Krasko, A. V.; Krino, L. A.
2009On the Computational Accuracy of the Heuristic Method of Possibilistic ClusteringDamaratski, A.; Novikau, D.
2009Reconstruction of 3D Shape of Medical Object by 2D Cross-SectionsNedzved, A.; Lukashevich, P.; Ablameyko, Sergey V.; Deserno, T. M.; Lehmann, N.
2009Multiagent Intrusion Detection Based on Neural Network Detectors and Artificial Immune SystemVaitsekhovich, L.; Golovko, V.; Rubanau, V.
2009Electroencephalogram Analysis Based on Artificial Neural Network and Adaptive SegmentationLaurentsyeva, S.; Golovko, V.; Evstigneev, V.
2009Image Representations in Image AnalysisGurevich, I.; Yashina, V.
2009Objects detection and identification based on an adaptive vector model of their boundary representationFedulov, Y. N.; Kuleshov, A. Y.
2009Mutation Analysis of HIV-1 Primary Protein SequencesSergeev, R. S.; Tuzikov, A. V.; Eremin, V. F.