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Заглавие документа: Construction Of Self-Diagnosed Digital Devices With Programmed Logic
Авторы: Korotaev, N. A.
Vysocki, M. M.
Дата публикации: 2004
Издатель: Минск: БГУ
Аннотация: The fast growth of semi-conductor technologies in a direction of high density of devices and reduction of their consumed capacity has made the programmable logic integrated circuits (PLIC) of a type LSI/VLSI PLA (programmable logic arrays) important tool for automatic development of various microcircuits, which programming is carried out by the designer of the equipment or user. PLIC have in comparison with other specialized circuits the following basic advantages: the small time manufacturing of the required custom-made circuits, wide spectrum of working frequencies and small time of a delay of a signal, that allows to reach high efficiency at use of such microcircuits. The CMOS-technology is applied to significant reduction of consumed capacity and heatings of the case. Now PLIC makes a firms, among which the leaders are the companies: AMD, Intel, Xilinx [1].
URI документа: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/50914
Располагается в коллекциях:Статьи факультета прикладной математики и информатики
2004. Международная конференция “Моделирование процессов и систем”

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