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2004. Международная конференция “Моделирование процессов и систем” : [77] Collection home page

Сборник включает доклады Международной конференции “Моделирование процессов и систем”, которая состоится 27-29 апреля 2004 года в Минске (Беларусь). Подготовлен к выпуску программным комитетом конференции MS’2004. Доклады конференции будут полезны студентам и специалистам в следующих областях: нечеткая математика, нечеткое управление, распознавание образов и анализ изображений, обработка и представление знаний, системы поддержки принятия решений, основанные на знаниях, проложения в экономике, финансах, управлении, социологии, медицине, химии. Печатаются в виде, представленном авторами. Proceedings contain papers accepted for publication and presentation at the In-ternational Conference “Modelling and Simulation” that will be held in April 27-29, , Minsk, Belarus. Proceedings are prepared for publication by MS’2004 Program Committee. Proceedings will be useful for students and researchers working in the following areas: fuzzy mathematics and systems, fuzzy control, mathematics of fuzzy control, pattern recognition and image analysis; knowledge processing and representation; knowledge based decision support system, applications for economy, finance, management, sociology, medicine , chemistry. Papers are printed as submitted by authors.
2004. Международная конференция “Моделирование процессов и систем” == Modeling and Simulation(MS’2004): Proceedings of the International Conference (27 - 29 April, Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 77
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Use Of The Stress Testing Method In Diagnostics Of Crisis At An EnterpriseBykov, A.
2004Developing Multiple Sub Functions Per Association Function For Data Mining SystemSivakumar, R.; Meena, K.
2004A New Tool In The Treatment For The Wider Information Provided By Experts For The Selection Of PlayersGil-Lafuente, J.
2004Forward Interest Rates And Volatility Of Zero Coupon YieldMedvedev, G.
2004Robust Bayes Forecasting For Grouped Binary Data With Known Distortion IntervalPashkevich, M.
2004Statistical Properties Of Estimates Of Mutual Spectral Densities With Polynomial Window Of Data ViewingTroush, N. N.; Vasilenko, J. V.
2004The Variogram Estimates Of The Intrinsically-Stationary Stochastic Processes And FieldsTroush, N. N.; Tsekhavaya, T. V.
2004Computer Generation Of Random-Close Packing Of SpheresHlushkou, D.; Apanasovich, V.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Tallarek, U.
2004Statistical Models And Decisions In Aircraft ServiceNechval, K. N.; Nechval, N. A.; Vasermanis, E. K.
2004Adaptive Cfar Tests For Detection And Recognition Of Target Signals In Radar ClutterStrelchonok, V. F.; Nechval, N. A.; Nechval, K. N.; Vasermanis, E. K.
2004Dynamic Airline Seat Inventory ControlNechval, N. A.; Nechval, K. N.; Vasermanis, E. K.
2004About Statistical Estimator Of Pulse Transfer Function For Linear SystemsLi, Fu
2004On Departure Flows Of The Served Customers In Multiphase Queueing SystemsMinkevicius, S.; Steisunas, S.
2004Technique For The Hidden Transfer Of The Color ImagesReznik, I. A.; Sadykhov, R. Kh.
2004Three-dimensional Image Reconstruction For Water Modelling of Metal Casting ProcessesChoi, Jeong-Kil; Choi, Ki-Young; Hwang, Ho-Young; Marukovich, E. I.; Branovitsky, A. M.; Dovnar, D. V.; Zakharov, I. L.
2004Integrated Circuit (Ic) And Photomask Images Processing TechnologyDoudkin, A.; Vershok, D.
2004The Framework To Create The System Of Self-Optimizing Mobile AgentsOtwagin, A.; Sadykhov, R.; Chelalo, A.
2004The Architecture Of System For Analysis And Optimization Of Parallel ProgramsOtwagin, A.; Sadykhov, R.; Bogomazov, A.
2004Moving Detection And Localization In Video Surveillance SystemsKochetkov, A.
2004The Experimental Evaluation Of Inductive Algorithms Accuracy On Datasets From Public Data RepositoriesRyabtsev, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 77