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2004Computer Generation Of Random-Close Packing Of SpheresHlushkou, D.; Apanasovich, V.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Tallarek, U.
2004About Statistical Estimator Of Pulse Transfer Function For Linear SystemsLi, Fu
2004Selection Of A Dam In The River Basin Of River Duero By Promethee MethodGento, Angel M.
2004Use Of The Stress Testing Method In Diagnostics Of Crisis At An EnterpriseBykov, A.
2004Loseless Image Compression For Remote Desktop SystemsPronchev, V. V.; Tuzikov, A. V.
2004Robust Bayes Forecasting For Grouped Binary Data With Known Distortion IntervalPashkevich, M.
2004The Experimental Evaluation Of Inductive Algorithms Accuracy On Datasets From Public Data RepositoriesRyabtsev, A.
2004Moving Detection And Localization In Video Surveillance SystemsKochetkov, A.
2004Neural Network Based Algorithm Of Preliminary Data Analysis: Application To Fluorescence And Esr SpectroscopyNazarov, P. V.; Kavalenka, A. A.; Makarava, K. U.; Lutkovski, V. M.; Apanasovich, V. V.
2004Construction Of Self-Diagnosed Digital Devices With Programmed LogicKorotaev, N. A.; Vysocki, M. M.
2004Object Reconstruction On 3d Ultrasound Images Using Simplex MeshesSnezhko, E. V.; Tuzikov, A. V.
2004Statistical Properties Of Estimates Of Mutual Spectral Densities With Polynomial Window Of Data ViewingTroush, N. N.; Vasilenko, J. V.
2004Linear-Fractional Network Problem With Additional ConstraintsPilipchuk, L. A.; Laguto, A. A.
2004Corpus Linguistics Approach To Natural Language InvestigationRubashko, N.
2004Modelization Of The Decision Analysis As A Base To A Decision Support SystemBerriel, R.; Martinez, G.; Betancor, R.; Sanchez, I.
2004Dynamic Airline Seat Inventory ControlNechval, N. A.; Nechval, K. N.; Vasermanis, E. K.
2004Building A Flight Control System For A Modelled AircraftGarratt, P. W.; Rushton, A. J.; Yilmaz, E.
2004Computer Analysis Of Multiple-Choice Examination DocumentsKarpowicz, J.; Malina, W.; Smiatacz, M.
2004Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes And Their Application To Economic Development TrendsAl-Eideh, Basel M.
2004A Topology Called Clan. Its Immersion In Social SciencesGil Aluja, J.