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Заглавие документа: Модель человека в новой экономике
Другое заглавие: A Model of the Individual in the New Economy (Eleonora Lutokhina)
Авторы: Лутохина, Элеонора Алексеевна
Тема: ЭБ БГУ::ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ::Экономика и экономические науки
Дата публикации: 2004
Издатель: Международное общественное объединение по изучению ООН и информационно-образовательным программам
Библиографическое описание источника: Белорусский журнал международного права и международных отношений. — 2004. — № 2
Аннотация: Today a paradoxical situation can be observed when, on the one hand, people as economic subjects influence economy most strongly but, on the other, economic textbooks and scientific literature practically do not carry the evaluation of the problem of the individual as the subject of economy. At the same time the two-century-long record of determining people, their behaviour and their abstract models by economy alone is a simplified and not contemporary approach. The rapid growth of the new economy at the t u rn of the 2 0 t h century contradicts bo t h this approach and the old model of the "economic individual" whose main feature is maximizing profit. Theoretical and methodological differentiation of the notions "type" and "model" of the individual in economy and also revealing of basic specific features of the new economy make it possible to single out the main components of the new model of the individual in the new economy. Along with general typical human features they, according to the author, can be considered as the outline of the individual's model in the new economy. Formation of such a model should become an important part of the state policy.
Доп. сведения: Раздел - "Международные экономические отношения"
URI документа: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/28829
Располагается в коллекциях:Белорусский журнал международного права и международных отношений. — 2004. — № 2

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