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2002Optical and laser properties of the InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well heterostructuresYablonskii, G. P.; Lutsenko, E. V.; Pavlovskii, V. N.; Protzmann, H.; Luenenbuerger, M.; Zubialevich, V. Z.; Schineller, B.; Gerstenbrandt, G.; Heuken, M.
2002Influence of light radiation on the activity of manganese peroxodaseTsivunchyk, O.; Haas, R.; Loew, Eberhard; Kremlev, E. P.; Scheibner, K.
2002Микропроцессорная система измерения ускорения на базе датчика ADXL202Нестерук, Р. М.; Друк, А. С.
2002Multiple-wavelength lasing in one-dimensional bandgap structures: implementation with active n–i–p–i layersSmirnov, A. G.; Ushakov, D. V.; Kononenko, V. K.
2002Increasing the efficiency of high-order harmonic generation using counterpropagating laser pulsesProkopovich, I. P.; Khrutchinsky, A. A.; Churmakov, D. Yu.; Peatross, J.; Apolonsky, A. A.
2002Nonlinear refraction at gain saturation in quantum wellsKononenko, V. K.; Tzvirko, V. I.
2002Application of the method of lines to the analysis of surface plasmon transverse distribution in the waveguide structure of a long-wave semiconductor laserMorozov, Yu. A.; Nefedov, I. S.
2002Bistability of acoustooptic interaction in magnetoactive crystalsKurilkina, S. N.; Shuba, M. V.
2002160 to 10 GB/S demultiplexing by using nolmSiahlo, A. I; Berg, K. S.; Clausen, A. T; Tersigni, A.; Jeppesen, P.
2002Far-infrared p-Ge lasers: spectra short pulse generationMuravjov, A. V.; Pavlov, S. G.; Shastin, V. N.; Weidner, H.; Strijbos, R. C.; Peale, R. E.