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2002Photonic bandgap structures with n-i-p-i layersSmirnov, A. G.; Ushakov, D. V.; Kononenko, V. K.
2009Phase transitions in erbium-doped silicon exposed to laser radiationBatalov, R. I.; Bayazitov, R. M.; Kryzhkov, D. I.; Gaiduk, P. I.; Gatskevich, E. I.; Ivlev, G. D.; Marques, C. P.; Alves, E.
2009Features of the Pulsed Treatment of Silicon Layers Implanted with Erbium IonsBatalov, R. I.; Bayazitov, R. M.; Nurutdinov, R. M.; Kryzhkov, D. I.; Gaiduk, P. I.; Marques, C. P.; Alves, E.
2003Параллельные вычисления на локальных сетях в стандарте MPIШпаковский, Г. И.; Верхотуров, А. Е.; Серикова, Н. В.
2004Auger Recombination Processes and Threshold Conditions in Asymmetric-Multiple-Quantum-Well Heterostructure LasersSukhoivanov, I. A.; Mashoshina, O. V.; Kononenko, V. K.; Ushakov, D. V.
2004Temperature dependence of the threshold and Auger recombination in asymmetric quantum-well heterolasersSukhoivanov, I. A.; Mashoshyna, O. V.; Kononenko, V. K.; Ushakov, D. V.
2000Asymmetric multiple-quantum-well heterostructure laser systems: conception, performance, and characteristicsKononenko, V. K.; Afonenko, A. A.; Manak, I. S.; Nalivko, S. V.
2008Energy and Emission Characteristics of Superlattice Quantum-Cascade StructuresUshakov, D. V.; Manak, I. S.
2007Nonlinearities in the reflection and transmission spectra of the photonic bandgap heterostructures with n–i–p–i crystalsUshakov, D. V.; Kononenko, V. K.; Marciniak, M.
2007Wide and Flat Waveguide Gain Spectrum in the Ga1-xInxAsySb1-y/AlxGa1-xAsySb1-y Asymmetric Multiple-Quantum- Well HeterostructuresManak, I. S.; Ushakov, D. V.; Bialiausky, U. S.