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2012Fundamental and Applied NanoElectroMagnetics. FANEM-2012 : Conference proceedings, May 22-25, 2012, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus-
2012Peculiarities of carbon nanofibres obtained by PECVDFisenko, S.; Takopulo, D.
2012Electronic and magnetic structure of zigzag graphene nanoribbons: quantum chemical calculationsPoklonski, N.; Kislyakov, E.; Vyrko, S.; Bubel', O.; Ratkevich, S.
2012Electron band structure of carbon nanotubes intercalated cupperBochkov, I.; D'yachkov, P.
2012Two level system dynamics modelling near real nano- and microstructuresMaloshtan, A.; Kremers, C.; Chigrin, D.
2012Electronic and optical properties of silicon nanowiresMigas, D.
2012SERS substrates on the base of semiconductor self-assembled quantum dots Ge-on-Si nanostrustures to characterize inorganic microcrystalsKlyachkovskaya, E.; Strekal', N. D.; Motevich, I. G.; Vaschenko, S. V.; Harbachova, A. N.; Bel'kov, M. V.; Gaponenko, S.; Dais, C.; Sigg, H.; Stoica, T.; Griitzmacher, D.
2012Nanostructuring of Si-based alloy layers induced by fast recrystallizationGaiduk, P.; Prakopyeu, S.; Ivlev, G.
2012Quantum Chemical Simulation of The Structure of The Endohedral Backminsterfullerene DerivativesDikusar, E.; Potkin, V.; Zelenkovskii, V.; Pushkarchuk, A.; Khrutchinsky, A.; Kuten, S.; Kilin, S.
2012From nanophotonic devices to nanophotonic integrated circuits: advances and challenges in development of scalable simulation approachesMingaleev, S.; Sokolov, E.; Simonov, A.; Arellano, C.; Koltchanov, I.; Richter, A.
2012Influence of electromagnetic radiation on an array of carbon nanotubes in the presence of electric nanosecond impulsesSadykov, N.; Scorkin, N.
2012Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene as Terahertz Emitters and DetectorsPortnoi, M.; Hartmann, R.; Kibis, O.; Rosenau da Costa, M.
2012Cluster Embedding Method for Quantum-Chemical Simulation of NanodevicesShidlovskaya, E.
2012Hard ware-software system for studying the properties of magnetic shields and electrical products based on film and composite nanostructuresHryshyn, S.; Petsiuk, A.; Bui, A.; Grishin, S.
2012Direct chemical vapour deposition of semitransparent pyrolytic carbon filmKaplas, T.; Svirko, Yu.
2012Electrical Conductivity of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes FilmsKsenevich, V.; Veselova, T.; Shuba, M.; Paddubskaya, A.; Kuzhir, P.
2012Properties of systems with carbon nanotubes based on the swift heavy ion track technologyPetrov, A.; Kaniukov, E.; Demyanov, S.; Okotrub, A.; Kurenya, A. G.; Gusel'nikov, A.; Kudashov, A.; Bulusheva, L.; Trautmann, C.
2012Electron structure of pure and doped nanotubes calculated using linear augmented cylindrical wave methodD'yachkov, P.
2012SeIf AmpIified Spontaneous Emission in carbon nanotubes and grapheneBatrakov, K.; Kuzhir, P.; Voronovich, S.
2012Simulation of Electromagnetic Properties in CNT and Graphene Based NanostructuresShunin, Yu.; Zhukovskii, Yu.; Burlutskaya, N.; Lobanova-Shunina, T.; Gopeyenko, V.; Bellucci, S.