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2012Sonochemical modification of graphiteMastich, A.; Baidukova, O.; Skorb, E. V.
2012Synthesis and properties of iron–noble metal composite nanoparticlesSemenova, E. M.; Vorobyova, S. A.; Fedotova, J. A.; Bayev, V. G.; Lesnikovich, A. I.
2012Au and SnO2–Au hybrid nanoparticles obtained by Au(III) reduction with Sn(II) and NaBH4 simultaneouslyMaltanava, H. M.; Vorobyova, T. N.
2012Crystallization of iron condensed phosphates in the system Fe2O3 – NH4PO3Abramovich, E. A.; Lesnikovich, A. I.; Selevich, A. F.
2012Catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons and thiophene at V2O5 : MoO3 nano- and microheterostructuresKokorin, A. I.; Sviridova, T. V.; Vakhrushin, P. A.; Boykov, E. V.; Vishnetskay, M. V.
2012Thermal behavior of the dust in gas cleaning systemsPankov, V.
2012Solvathermal synthesis of nanostructured molybdenum-vanadium mixed oxidesAntonova, A. A.; Sviridova, T. V.; Kokorin, A. I.; Sviridov, D. V.
2012Electrochemical characterization of titanium dioxide films modified with Pb(Cd) chalcogenides and grapheneChulkin, P. V.; Rabchynski, S. M.; Ragoisha, G. A.; Streltsov, E. A.; Kuchmiy, S. Ya.; Stroyuk, O. L.; Rayevska, O. Ye.; Andryushina, N. S.
2012Biocompatible calcium phosphate coatings on titanium substrateUlasevich, S.; Kulak, A.; Poznyak, S.; Karpushenkov, S.; Musskaya, O.; Lesnikovich, L.; Krutko, V.
2012Drugs release from hydrogel films based on copolymers of acrylamide with 2-acrylamide-2-methylpropane-sulfonic acid and its sodium saltYakimtsova, L. B.; Popko, E. S.