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Заглавие документа: Fluorescence of the Polymethine Dye Tiks and Diagnostics af Cancert
Авторы: Voropai, E. S.
Samtsov, M. P.
Chalov, V. N.
Zhavrid, E. A.
Дата публикации: 2001
Библиографическое описание источника: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. - 2001. - № 3. - С. 468-472.
Аннотация: It is shown that the fluorescence of the polymethine dye TIKS, whose absorption and fluorescence bands are located in the spectral region of transmission of biological tissues, can be recorded from a depth of up to 1.5 cm of an animal’s body. The intensity of the fluorescence recorded from the surface of the animal’s body in intravenous injection of the dye (1–2 mg/kg) is in direct proportion to its concentration in tumor nodes and muscles. In rapidly growing tumors, a high (up to 3.6) degree of contrast of the content of the dye is attained in tumor tissues as compared to the surrounding normal tissues. Over the course of 7 days after the injection, the dye is practically completely removed from both the tumor and normal muscular tissues. From the change in the fluorescence intensity in scanning the surface one can determine the regions of localization of tumor nodes against the background of the surrounding normal tissues and the presence of regions with a nonuniform distribution of the dye.
URI документа: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/20981
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