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2016Novel indotricarbocyanine dyes covalently bonded to polyethylene glycol for theranosticsLugovski, Alexander A.; Samtsov, Michael P.; Kaplevsky, Kirill N.; Tarasau, Dmitri; Voropay, Eugene S.; Petrov, Petr T.; Istomin, Yuri P.
2016Fast-switching effect using viscous chiral-nematic materialsLapanik, Valeri; Timofeev, Sergei; Sasnouski, Genadz; Bezborodov, Vladimir; Haase, Wolfgang
2011Fluorescence of a photosensitizer based on an indotricarbocyanine dye in photochemotherapySamtsov, M. P.; Voropay, E. S.; Liashenka, L. S.; Melnikau, D. G.; Kapleusky, K. N.; Lugovskij, A. P.
2015Electro-optic properties of nematic and ferroelectric liquid crystalline nanocolloids doped with partially reduced graphene oxideLapanik, Valeri; Timofeev, Sergei; Haase, Wolfgang
2014Influence of the size and the attached organic tail of modified detonation nanodiamond on the physical properties of liquid crystalsLapanik, Valeri; Lugouskiy, Anatoliy; Timofeev, Sergei; Haase, Wolfgang
2014Concentration increase of the singlet-oxygen generation quantum yield by an indotricarbocyanine dyeSamtsov, M. P.; Tarasau, D. S.; Stasheuski, A. S.; Kaplevsky, K. N.; Voropay, E. S.
2016Флуоресцентная диагностика повреждения опухолевых тканей при ФДТ с фотосенсибилизатором ФотолонСамцов, М. П.; Тарасов, Д. С.; Каплевский, К. Н.; Воропай, Е. С.; Петров, П. Т.; Истомин, Ю. П.
2013Modeling of Thermal Processing at the Formation of Shallow Doped IC Active RegionsKomarov, A. F.; Velichko, O. I.; Zayats, G. M.; Komarov, F. F.; Miskiewicz, S. A.; Mironov, A. M.; Makarevich, Yu. V.
2015Formation of InAs Nanoclusters in Silicon by High-Dose Ion Implantation: Experimental Data and Simulation ResultsKomarov, A. F.; Komarov, F. F.; Mil’chanin, O. V.; Vlasukova, L. A.; Parkhomenko, I. N.; Mikhailov, V. V.; Mokhovikov, M. A.; Miskevich, S. A.
2013Ion Beam Synthesis of InAs Nanocrystals in Si: Influence of Thin Surface Oxide LayersKomarov, F.; Vlasukova, L.; Milchanin, O.; Greben, M.; Komarov, A.; Mudryi, A.; Wesch, W.; Wendler, E.; Zuk, J.; Kulik, M.; Ismailova, G.