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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2019Optical and electrical properties of thermally co-evaporated SnS1−xSex alloy filmsSaritha, K.; Rasool, S.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Tivanov, M. S.; Saad, A. M.; Trofimova, A. V.; Gremenok, V. F.
20-Jan-2020Annealing and plasma treatment effect on structural, morphological and topographical properties of evaporated β-In2S3 filmsTivanov, M. S.; Gremenok, V. F.; Zimin, S. P.; Pipkova, A. S.; Mazaletskiy, L. A.; Amirov, I. I.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Saritha, K.; Rasool, S.
2018Influence of Substrate Material on the Microstructure of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin FilmsAsakovich, Ya. V.; Bashkirov, S. A.; Stanchik, A. V.; Gremenok, V. F.; Giraitis, R.; Tivanov, M. S.; Novikov, G. F.; Rakitin, V. V.; Hekkel, U. S.
Nov-2019Substrate temperature dependent physical properties of SnS1−xSex thin filmsSaritha, K.; Rasool, S.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Saad, A. M.; Tivanov, M. S.; Tikoto, S. E.; Korolik, O. V.; Gremenok, V. F.
Jan-2019Fabrication and Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide Films for Electro-Optical ApplicationsOzcelik, S.; Akcay, N.; Tivanov, M. S.
Feb-2019Effect of annealing on the physical properties of thermally evaporated In2S3 thin filmsRasool, S.; Saritha, K.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K.T.; Tivanov, M. S.; Trofimova, A. V.; Tikoto, S.E.; Bychto, L.; Patryn, A.; Maliński, M.; Gremenok, V. F.
Nov-2019Optoelectronic properties of In2S3 thin films measured using surface photovoltage spectroscopyRasool, S.; Saritha, K.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Bychto, L.; Patryn, A.; Maliński, M.; Tivanov, M. S.; Gremenok, V. F.