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dc.contributor.authorZalkovskij, Maksim-
dc.contributor.authorBisgaard, Christer Zoffmann-
dc.contributor.authorNovitsky, Andrey V.-
dc.contributor.authorMalureanu, Radu-
dc.contributor.authorSavastru, Dan-
dc.contributor.authorPopescu, Aurelian-
dc.contributor.authorJepsen, Peter Uhd-
dc.contributor.authorLavrinenko, Andrei V.-
dc.identifier.citationAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 100, 031901 (2012)ru
dc.description.abstractChalcogenide glasses are receiving a lot of attention due to their unique optical properties. In this paper we study the optical properties of As2S3 and GaLaS glasses in a broad terahertz (THz) frequency range (0.2-18 THz). Complex dispersion behavior with drastic changes of refractive index and absorption coefficient is found for both glasses. We observe the breakdown of the universal power-law dependence of the absorption coefficient due to atomic vibrations observed at low THz frequencies in disordered materials, and see the transition to localized vibrational dynamics for the As2S3 compound at higher frequencies. In addition, As2S3 displays two transparency regions, at 7-8 THz and 12.2 THz, of potential interest for future nonlinear applications in the THz rangeru
dc.titleUltrabroadband terahertz spectroscopy of chalcogenide glassesru
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