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2016The Mechanism of Action and the Synergistic Effect of Nitrogen- and Phosphorus-Containing Fire Retardants in Fire Protection and Wood and Peat Fire SuppressionBogdanova, V. V.; Kobets, O. I.; Kirlitsa, V. P.
2003Semiconductor nanocrystals inside spherical microcavities: A case of quantum dots in photonic dotsArtemyev, M. V.
2003Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University celebrates the 25th anniversaryIvashkevich, О. A.; Nechepurenko, Yu. V.; Rakhmanov, S. K.
2016Расчет теплоты сгорания древесного топлива по элементному составуМаксимук, Ю. В.; Крук, В. С.; Антонова, З. А.; Пономарев, Д. А.; Сушкова, А. В.
2015Establishment of correlation between calorific value and IR-spectra characteristics of wood pyrolytic tars by multidimentional analysis methodPonomarev, D. A.; Spitsyn, A. A.; Maksimuk, Yu. V.; Mettee, H.; Gorelkin, E. V.
2003Multifunctionality of nitrogen oxide compounds as a basis for preparation of practically important cellulose materialsKaputskii, F. N.; Gert, E. V.; Torgashov, V. I.; Shishonok, M. V.; Zubets, O. V.
2003Investigation of thermodynamic properties of organic substancesKabo, G. J.; Blokhin, A. V.; Kabo, A. G.
2014Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties of Di- and Trivalent Metal–Ammonium PhosphatesBogdanova, V. V.; Kobets, O. I.
2016Быстротвердеющие полимерные пены для ограничения распространения и тушения пожаровБогданова, В. В.; Тихонов, М. М.; Мамедов, А. М.
2003Preparation and investigation of the heterogeneous systems, containing highly dispersed componentsLesnikovich, A. I.; Vorobyova, S. A.