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2015Preparation and electrochemical properties of tin(IV) oxide ‒ graphene oxide film electrodesBondarenko, E. A.; Ragoisha, G. A.; Streltsov, E. A.; Auchynnikava, T. A.; Chulkin, P. V.
2015Protective ability of electrodeposited and electroless Ni–P alloy coatings on mild steel in saline mediaPerevoznikov, S. S.; Poznyak, S. K.; Tsybulskaya, L. S.
2015Electroless deposition of Pd–Ni–P films from the polyligand pyrophosphate solutionsSakovich, I. V.; Vrubleskaya, O. N.
2015An electrochemical study of interaction between contact nonequilibrium plasma and aqueous electrolytes systemKublanovsky, V. S.; Kravchenko, A. V.; Pivovarov, A. A.; Bersirova, O. L.
2015The advantages of sulfur/graphene oxide materialsAgisheva, A. A.; Bekeshev, A. Z.; Imangalieva, B. S.
2015Voltammetric behavior of dinitrophenyl and phenol at their joint presenceUskova, K.; Halfina, P. D.; Levkovich, E. A.
2015Changes in structural and chemical composition of carbon-bearing com-ponents in porous anodic alumina during heat treatmentChernyakova, K. V.; Karpič, R.; Zavadsky, S. M.; Kovger, J.; Poklonskaya, O. N.
2015Removal of nitrate ions from natural water by nanofiltrationKochkodan, O. D.; Kochkodan, V. M.; Boyko, G. N.
2015The effective fire protection of nonwoven polyether materialReva, O. V.; Bogdanova, V. V.; Andreeva, T. N.; Nazarovich, A. N.; Luk`yanov, A. S.
2015Stability and rheology of silica suspensions stabilised by surface active substancesSavitskaya, T. A.; Kimlenka, I. M.; Shakhno, E. A.; Gaishun, V. E.; Kosenok, Ya. A.