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2015The solidphase synthesis of solid solution (Mg1-xCox)2P4O12Antraptseva, N. M.; Bila, G. N.; Novak, I. S.
2015Thermal behaviour of the system H3BO3–NH4PO3Abramovich, E. A.; Selevich, A. F.
2015Ammonium compounds as objectionable impurities in inorganic building materials made from concreteKhaletskaya, K. V.; Yalovaya, N. P.
2015Crystallization of chromium condensed phosphates in the system CrO3 – NH4PO3Abramovich, E. A.; Selevich, A. F.
2015Stability of sulphide-fucntionalized SBA-15 in aqueous mediumKozlova, S. A.; Zaitseva, Yu. N.; Kirik, S. D.
2015Sensory properties of solid solutions based on cobaltites of rare earth elements and bismuth ferriteLubinski, N. N.; Petrov, G. S.; Zatsiupa, А. А.; Shauchenka, S. V.; Bashkirov, L. A.; Shichkova, Т. A.
2015New hydrophosphates MH3(PO4)2 · 0.5H2O (M = Er, Y)Ivashkevich , L. S.; Lyakhov, A. S.
2015Influence of aggressive environment and temperature on the mordenite of the Nakhchivan Autonomous RepublicMamedova, G. A.
2015Composite materials on the base of the SiO2 - TiO2, TiO2 - Al2O3 systems modified by macrocyclic endorreceptorsAlisienok, O. A.; Murashkevich, A. N.; Fedorova, O. V.; Zharsky, I. M.
2015Sonochemical surface modification of galvanic nickel in the presence of vanadium acidSviridov, D. V.; Logvinovich, A. S.; Sviridova, T. V.
2015Instruments and chemical sensors for the control of gases leaks on the enterprises of “Belneftekhim” concern for oil and chemistryKarkotsky, G. F.; Tsabkala, Zh. A.; Mychko, D. I.
2015Catalytic properties features of perovskite-type ferrites in dry (carbon dioxide) methane reformingKryuchkova, T. A.; Khairullina, I. A.; Sheshko, T. F.; Serov, Y. M.
2015On the chemical transport of some binary sulfidesZavrazhnov, A.; Kosyakov, А.; Berezin, S.; Sidey, V.; Zlomanov, V.
2015The morphology of silver nanoparticles in sols synthesized in the presence of nitrilotriacetic acidShevchenko, G. P.; Zhuravkov, V. A.
2015Synthesis, properties and structure of solid solutions on the basis of Bi2Fe4O9Petrov, G. S.; Zatsiupa, A. A.; Bashkirov, L. A.; Vialikanava, I. A.
2015The application of perovskite-type ferrites in the catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monooxideSheshko, T. F.; Serov, Y. M.; Dementieva, M. V.; Shulga, A.; Chislova, I. V.; Zvereva, I. A.
2015Alteration of paramagnetic centers in MoO3 and TiO2 : MoO3 composites after heating under reducing atmosphereBoboriko, N. E.; Mychko. D. I.
2015Properties of lead sulfide films deposited from [Pb(CH3COO)2(N2H4CS)2] complex compoundOvechkina, N. M.; Lukin, A. N.; Semenov, V. N.; Fedukin, A. V.; Nikitin, L. N.
2015Synthesis and chemical nature of the products of Со(ІІ) and Mg phosphates coprecipitationAntraptseva, N. M.; Bila, G. N.
2015Behavior of different models of graphene under tension. Quantum chemical and finite element method calculationsMatulis, Vad. E.; Matulis, Vit. E.; Nagorny, Y. E.; Repchenkov, V. I.; Ivashkevich, O. A.