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Title: Numerical study of problems on high-intensive free convection
Authors: Berkovsky, B. M.
Polevikov, V. K.
Issue Date: 1977
Citation: Numerical study of problems on high-intensive free convection / Berkovsky B. M., Polevikov V. K. // Heat Transfer and Turbulent Buoyant Convection. Proceedings of International Turbulent Buoyant Convection Seminar (Dubrovnik, 1976). – Washington: Hemisphere Publ., 1977. – P. 443-455
Abstract: The methods to build a difference scheme of higher order of approximation are presented for multi-dimensional convection equations. The scheme is recommended to solve the problems on high-rate convection. The scheme obtained is tested on the problem for free convection in a vertical finite layer. Operating parameters vary in the ranges:Pr<=10^5, Ra<=10^10, 1<=H/L<=10. Specific features of development of thermoconvective processes at high Rayleigh numbers are discussed. Critical relations Nu=f(Pr,Ra,H/L) are built. A good agreement between known numerical and experimental data is found
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/10278
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